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Instrumental in bringing the HOME vision to life was a team of passionate industry identities who have previously worked together with exceptional results. The success of their powerful collaborative effort is evident in this undertaking and past projects, highlighting the strength of great minds working in true harmony.

Livstyle Developer
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Interior design, management and construction specialists showcasing the best in tailored architecture and creative development, LIVstyle is reknown for exceptional quality. Focusing on boutique property development, they have an impressive portfolio. The dynamic team of specialised professionals ensures every project is of a standard synonymous with bespoke style and sustainable design.

BMA Architect
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Bennett Murada Architecture is all about simple things beautifully executed. Their buildings embody the principles of sensual experience, sustainability, honesty of materials, construction credibility and distinction. The team’s design process is genuinely collaborative and they successfully engage in richly diverse project types and scales, from houses to hospitality.

Arcadia landscape
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Connecting people with the spaces they inhabit, Arcadia Landscape Architecture seeks to create communities through their projects. Their talented team of landscape architects and urban designers achieves world-class landscapes and open spaces which bring people together. They create memorable places that help improve people’s quality of life and promote community connections.

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